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Accessible Information Standard Policy

Policy Statement

To make sure that Customers (and those important to them) and Staff members who have a disability, impairment, or sensory loss, get information that they can access and understand, and any communication support that they need from Angelica Care. All providers of NHS care or other publicly-funded adult social care must meet the Accessible Information Standard (AIS). Angelica Care will make reasonable adjustments to meet the legal requirements of the regulated activities that is registered to provide:

  • Equality Act 2010

  • The Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014

  • Mental Capacity Act 2005

  • Data Protection Act 2018

The Accessible Information Standard covers four areas of need in relation to Accessible Information and Communication:

1. Contact Method - Being able to contact, and be contacted by, services in accessible ways, for example via email or text message.

2. Information Format - Receiving information and correspondence in formats they can read and understand, for example in audio, braille, easy read or large print.

3. Professional Communication Support - Being supported by a communication professional at appointments if this is needed to support conversation, for example a British Sign Language interpreter.

4. Support to Communicate - for example to lip-read or use a hearing aid.


AIS applies to people who use a service and have information or communication needs because of a:

  • disability

  • impairment

  • sensory loss

It covers the needs of people who are deaf/Deaf, blind, or deafblind, or who have a learning disability. This includes interpretation or translation for people whose first language is British Sign Language. It does not cover these needs for other languages.

It can also be used to support people who have aphasia, autism or a mental health condition which affects their ability to communicate.

Five steps of AIS for Customers


Customers communication needs are identified during the initial Assessment process and then reviewed during the 6 monthly care reviews or more often if required.



These identified needs are recorded in Customers care plans and any areas where support is required, a care plan activity is created in order to ensure Carers are able to support Customers.



Customers who require support with accessible information will have corresponding care needs tasks to allow for specific support from Carers. This will be recorded in Customers Care File both electronically and on a paper copy which is in a file in their own homes



We sometimes need to share details of people’s information and communication needs with other health and social care services. This means that other services can also respond to the person's information and communication needs. Consent is given from the Customer to share information in their Care File which includes any special requirements for accessible information.



Assessment of Customers needs identifies and agrees the method for contact and communication requirements e.g. large print, brail ect. Customers are also able to advise whether they wish to be contacted directly or if they would prefer contact to be Next of Kin (NOK). This can be specified contact e.g. rota’s sent via email to NOK.

Next review date: March 2025

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